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  • Get direct access with me to see what's working for you NOW.
  • Stop wasting your time on different books, courses, online and figure out what actually works.

Learn what's working now in CSA so you can stop wasting your time and money.

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Do you ever wonder why you aren't getting the marks to pass and the results that you'd like in CSA Exam?

There is so much information out there that you may not be sure what you should be spending your time, money and energy on. And even if you think you do, my guess is that you don't have an easy, cohesive plan to cover all of the hot topics for CSA Exam. So why is this important?

The real secret of success in CSA is knowing what to spend your time on.

The real secret of success is knowing what to spend your time on, and the truth is it is not so easy to figure it out all by yourself. It took me years and thousands of pounds to learn what it takes to make a great impact on patients and the examiners and now I want to share my proven formula with YOU. Because we've all been there, right?

When I started preparing for my CSA exam, I felt like a lost 'Nemo' and was working so much that I didn't have time to enjoy my life.

Nobody should have to spend their life working like a crazy person just to get by.

You are an amazing doctor!

You deserve to be successful in CSA and have the time to actually enjoy your life!

So let me ask you this...

"Do you ever feel like you don't get that real thing what the examiners are looking for?"

Well let's change that...

As a Busy GP Registrar, We know that you don't have enough hours in the day.
So instead of creating training that eats up your time, this CSA Smart Success programme will provide you with resources that will help you PASS your CSA easily in very little time.

As a member you'll have access to the following:

Our Flagship Training

Six Smart Steps to Your Success in CSA (which includes a personalized preparation online plan)

  • 1
    CSA Method Evaluation:

    How to figure out what's working and where to be putting your time and effort.

  • 2
    Personal Evaluation:

    Determine your strengths, weaknesses and learn how to improve your chance of success in CSA and also enjoy doing it.

  • 3
    Patient & Examiner Evaluation:

    Analyze your current competition, gain clarity on what your patient expects and identify the skills that your examiner wants.

  • 4
    Developing Your CSA Rapid Success Plan:

    A comprehensive guide to figuring out how to connect all of the dots and fit all of your CSA preparation pieces together.

  • 5
    Successful Partnerships & Relationships:

    How to create mutually beneficial relationships with patients and examiners in CSA.

  • 6
    Action & Implementation Strategies:

    Gain access to a proven system for a painless way to get things done and achieve success in CSA easily!

Hundreds of CSA Case Scenarios

More than 200 model cases to try during your practice sessions and you will never feel that you are under prepared. You will be ready for any challenges in CSA.

Specialized Monthly Training

Each month choose from our library of courses and select which training you want to focus on next. No two GP Registrars are the same, so we want you to be able to "choose your own adventure" and gain access to the materials that will best serve you now! Topics range from genetics, sexual health and ethics to successful communication skills and strategies and how to make a huge impact on your big CSA exam.

12 Training Topics Include: New trainings are constantly being added in real time to cover what is working right now.

Hi Hema, Thank you for your time and kind hospitality. We enjoyed the course thoroughly not just the way you teach.. The 'Right Mindset' section was really 'mind blowing'. You need to have this approach from the outset of CSA preparation if you want to pass your CSA. I am very glad that I attended this course at the right time so I can reflect and change my practice in day-to-day life to make it natural on the day of exam

- Dr Ansar Hayat,

GP Registrar, Yorkshire Regional Representative,

GPC Trainees' Subcommittee, British Medical Association.

Monthly Webinar Coaching

On top of everything else, we'll be there to help you along the way. We've setup support structures throughout the programme to help you implement, take action, and get results.

Join us each month for a personalized webinar coaching where we'll cover the latest topics, CSA Tips while providing support and feedback.

Our "Little Black Book" of CSA Resources & 'Done For You' Scripts.

Gain access to our ' Done For You' scripts that we personally use to create a huge impact on patients and examiners in CSA.

We'll even include step-by-step video training on how to best utilize these resources.

Hema! Thank uuuuuu a lot. I have passed my exam this November. What a relief! Points I have learnt from you helped me a lot in my exam like – To be myself- and stop acting like someone else and have a very positive attitude during consultation and encourage patients a lot and make them feel friendly by using their first name whenever possible. In the MOCK practice session you gave us feedback which helped I felt. I have even asked you to do consultations sometimes- I observed how humanly and friendly you approach a patient. Your CSA Success Course helped boost my confidence as I lack this and it is very important for CSA. Thank you very much for your help

– Dr Bindu

GP Registrar, Leeds.

Group Accountability & Networking

Join your fellow members to ask questions, network and support one another inside of this private Facebook group.

Finally be a part of a community of passionate GP Registrars who are successfully emerging as SMART SUCCESSFUL GPs.

You can post your videos and get feedback for your performances that you are working on and reach out and utilize the support of fellow GP Registrars.

This group will be invaluable to both your personal and professional growth.

There will be time for extensive Q&A as well. So come with your questions ready. We are here to help.

Still not sure if the CSA SMARTSUCCESS Online Programme is for you?

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About The Founder

Hema started her medical career with a simple passion to make people better back in 2001 in India. She followed her passion and purpose in life and became a GP in 2012. She learned by trial and error what NOT to do and ended up identifying what actually works in CSA. Feedbacks from her patients are super cool ones like - I always wait for Hema's appointment, my mom always wishes to see her. She is very honest and open. I have complete faith in Hema and she takes her profession seriously.

In 2012, she started the CSASMARTGROUP.COM – Free online CSA resources for the GP Registrars who feel like a lost Little Nemo. It is very successful and it has helped and supported more than 6000 Registrars and has had more than 27,000 views within 10 months.

Hema realized how truly important the education she had received online was and how incredibly difficult it was to attain. It is difficult to get the real knowledge about how the different communication skills in a way it works in the real world. Hema thought about how powerful it would have been to have easy and affordable access to information like that when she was first starting out, and so she became inspired to teach what she knows. Hema now devotes her time to creating educational programmes for GP Registrars and they have impacted lives all over the world.

After creating a successful system, she began to launch CSA SMARTSUCCESS – The Online Programme to pass CSA Easily. Pretty amazing, considering it all started in her kitchen table with a small laptop and the warm support from her little son - Adhi!

What Other GP Registrars Have To Say

Hi Hema, I have passed my CSA Exam. First of all I commend you for your enthusiasm and generosity to help registrars pass CSA, thanks for all the CSA training videos and tips

– Dr. Vani Kolli, GP Registrar, UK.

Hi Hema, The videos on difficult consultations made easy and also the teenage asking for pill are very helpful and informative. You are doing a great job to help people like me to pass CSA. Thank you for being so kind to share your tips and support those who are struggling to pass CSA exam. Once again, Thanks very much.

– Dr Roshni Pulakkal GP Registrar, UK.

Hi Hema, So glad to hear from you! Thank you for remembering me. I am based in Great Yarmouth and am in the Eastern Deanery. I felt very scared about CSA. Your videos are very helpful. Especially when I become a bit depressed and my hopes start meandering away; it helps to see your videos. I learned a lot from the webinars. You are doing a great job Hema!! Keep it up! Thank you for the effort you are making to support GP Registrars.

– Dr Geetha, GP Registrar, UK.

This Training Is For You If

This Training Is NOT For You If

Hema, I have to admit, I like the verve and sparkle in your personality. I am most impressed by all this free stuff you are doing and in particular, how you've developed websites, e-books and a whole host of other things and doing all of this to 'give something back' which I personally think is inspirational and admirable. Again, I'd like to say how good it is to see an individual with so much energy who wants to contribute to others without anything in return – By One of my Greatest Inspiring GPs

- Dr Ramesh Mehay

Programme Director,

Bradford VTS Training programme

and the Creator of

( You must visit this awesome site if not yet).

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  • Flagship Training 6 Steps to Your Success in CSA
  • Monthly Webinar Coaching
  • Our "Little Black Book" of CSA Resources, 'Done For You' Scripts.
  • Facebook Group exclusively for CSA SMARTSUCCESS Members
  • Specialized Monthly Training in all the CSA topics
  • Accountability and Networking
  • Hundreds of CSA Case scenarios
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FREE Webinars on
  • Mindset Magic in CSA Success
  • Sexual Health Made Easy
  • Women's Health Made Easy
  • Mindset Magic in CSA Success
  • Sexual Health Made Easy
  • Women's Health Made Easy
More will be added every month!
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Hema, Thanks again for the good work. Your website is brilliant!!! Thanks for everything. The following points are very useful takeaway gems from your CSA Smart Course. 1)  Important to always build a bridge for the whole consultation by establishing rapport with the patient as this will help make the patient feel at ease. 2)  Attentiveness is very important key in every consultation. It shows how well I'm listening to the pt. 3)  Useful phrases on open questions such as; what happened? How did it happen? Tell me more? What do you think might be going on? How has this result affected you? 4)  Use of appropriate pauses to allow for response and comments especially in such a sensitive discussion as the patient above. Chunking and checking information given. 5)  Important to be sensitive, neutral and non-judgmental when discussing the probabilities of genetic conditions. It is good to be positive with the patient and not scare them that just because the screening test is high risk means the diagnosis is already confirmed. 7)  Not every patient accepts the confirmatory test for Down'ssyndrome. So I need to communicate the risk involved sensitively to them ,tell them what it entails and give her the opportunity to decide even if she wants to take some more time before making the decision to go ahead. 8)  This applies to all genetic conditions, it is a sensitive issue and having a listening ear & being compassionate towards patients & family members by answering their questions or even sign-posting them to the Geneticist if necessary helps to alleviate their anxiety.

- Dr Abi Bakare

GP Registrar.

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Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any examination, there is no guarantee that you will succeed.

P.S. Look, let me be honest here. You are an amazing doctor. You can do it! Let me help you in this final hurdle of passing CSA. It DOES matter a lot to me that you MAKE A DECISION about it before you jump off this page. Please don't let this be one more thing you need to "think about." Nothing will keep you from your dreams faster than delaying decisions. So YES or NO, trust that and move forward. If Yes, JOIN US NOW and learn my secrets to get more marks and pass your CSA easily.